Seven Reasons To Buy A Chevy

September 10, 2020

There’s little doubt that Chevrolet is one of the most time-honored automotive brands in United States history. The company continues to churn out high-level cars that cater to Americans’ many varying needs for transportation.

But just why should you buy a Chevy when you’re in the market for a new car? We broke down the seven best reasons via DePaula Chevrolet right here:

7. Safety First:

Chevy recently implemented new safety features such as low speed forward automatic braking, lane change alert systems, and rear cross traffic alerts. Several of their cars have earned the IIHS top safety award. Safety is a top focus for the company to ensure that families can safely transport their children and cargo day in and day out.

6. New, Advanced Technology:

Chevrolet offers cutting-edge technology in its latest line of cars. They boast entertainment systems compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. With customers’ needs constantly evolving in terms of technology, Chevy strives to deliver the best experiences for every driver in terms of tech.

5. Fuel Efficiency:

Chevy has a new focus on fuel efficiency. They now use emissions-friendly engines with optimized powertrains for lower fuel consumption. For example, the Chevrolet Cruise offers up to 52 mpg on the highway. This new focus helps save customers a lot of gas money over time. With the environment an increasingly important issue in the automotive world, Chevy will continue to increase fuel efficiency.

4. Affordable Prices:

Chevy aims to sell vehicles that are affordable for all consumers while still offering elite features. The brand attempts to make each vehicle purchase viable for many Americans, not just those in high-income brackets. As mentioned, they strive to do this while still maintaining the highest level of technology.

3. Low Required Maintenance:

Chevy cars and trucks require only minimal maintenance. If you change the oil on schedule, your Chevy should last you hundreds of thousands of miles without many issues. Chevy cars also avoid most major mechanical problems. This makes them among the most reliable vehicles on the road.

2. Time-Honored Reputation:

Perhaps above all, Chevy is known for its stellar, time-honored reputation. There’s no denying that their cars have stood the test of time. Their lineup boasts several cars known for their reliability, performance, and longevity. With their aforementioned safety-first focus and low maintenance, Chevy is the brand to turn to if you need an affordable daily driver for your family.

1. Plethora Of Accessories:

Finally, Chevy gives customers the option to customize their car or truck with a sizable list of accessories. These include protective floor mats, bed liners, chrome enhancements, detailing kits, and more. Aside from their storied reputation, maintenance, and technological aspects, drivers can enhance their vehicles aesthetically to make sure they own the total package.

Taking all this into account, it’s clear to see why Chevy is among the best American car brands. When you need a well-rounded vehicle that you can rely on each and every day, Chevy is the brand to count on.