Breaking Down The Newest Kia Sedan

September 24, 2020

The market for family sedans has dwindled dramatically in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, Kia is working on keeping consumer interest high with the brand new K5. If the sedan looks familiar, that’s because the general design is an upgrade over the outgoing Optima.

Kia decided it was time to retire the Optima nameplate and go for something new and edgy, thus we have the K5. This is not your average family sedan, and it’s also not the Stinger. The K5 is the car for those who want a Camry or Accord with a little more excitement and value added to it. Kia continues to be on a roll with improved quality and performance, and the K5 is at the top of the list.

Kia K5

via: Kia


The styling on the new K5 is all-new and looks great. Sharp lines contrast the front and back of the vehicle. This is about as sleek of a sedan as you can get, and with its affordable price, it becomes even more shocking. Kia investing a great deal of time into the lines of the car, coupled with the chrome trim and alloy wheels the K5 is a stylish sedan. To top things off a nice set of factory dual exhaust pipes complete the look with an added tone. The Pirelli P Zero summer tires add to the upscale look of the sedan. Kia has been on a strong run of styling as of late and the K5 is a beacon of stellar design and ingenuity.

Kia K5 Engine

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Kia has made great strides to increase the performance of their passenger cars, and the K5 is no different. The turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder that makes 180 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque is a stellar powerplant. There’s no doubt the K5 will handle differently than any family sedan you’ve driven before. Step up to the GT model and you’ll get a sport appointed interior and features like sport shifting. The upgraded 2.5-liter four-cylinder makes 290 horses and 311 lb-ft. Kia has attempted to make the family sedan exciting again and the K5 does this well. No matter which powerplant you opt for the Kia K5 performs quite well and a lot better then you’d expect for a family sedan.

Kia K5 Interior

via: Kia

Interior Comfort:

As with most any other Kia, you’re swaddled in luxury appointments if you drive a K5. A large infotainment center greets the driver and passengers with easy-to-use controls and comfortable seating. There’s ambient interior lighting, a unique feature for a family sedan, and the colors can be changed and controlled. The ambient lighting can also follow the music that is playing inside of the vehicle. Overall, the interior fit and finish of the K5 are among the best that Kia has done thus far, and all of the cars are improving in terms of quality. Seating is more than comfortable enough for five passengers, even teenagers will do fine with the K5 backseat area.

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