The Complete Audi Buying Guide: Every Model Explained

November 5, 2020

Audi has been a leader in the automotive industry since July 16, 1909, and the company has never stopped innovating. Audi models have always shared components with the Volkswagen line of vehicles, and this benefits both companies. But the main thing that separates Audi from its competitors is the sheer driving experience that you get with an Audi vehicle.

The driving experience of an Audi brings the driver more in-tune with the road than ever before. Audi has a distinct lineup of vehicles that range from crossovers to exotic sports cars like the RS. We took a look at the current Audi lineup.

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A3/S3/RS 3:

The sub-compact A3 has been a popular executive luxury car for two decades now, competing with the BMW 3-Series and the Lexus IS. What makes the A3 so different is the sheer depth of quality that Audi puts into their vehicles. The Turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-five is one of the most potent engines in this class, coupled with the fact that the car has an amazing upscale interior.

Audi A4 All-Road

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When you think about a larger executive-style sedan, the A4 comes to mind. The unique design of the car separates it from the pack. Although this model has lost its manual transmission, there is still a lot of driving excitement left. The A4 stands out from the crowd thanks to a modest upscale design and firm driving characteristics. For a pure driving experience with little to worry about the A4 is the car for serious enthusiasts.

Audi A6

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The appetite for a full-size luxury sedan is not what it once was, but the A6 is continuing to invigorate the segment. The sleek design and the powerful 600-hp twin-turbo V8 handles business with authority. In addition to its performance, the A6 is a well-designed sedan, with a plush interior and plenty of seating to go around. The A6 might not get all the accolades of the BMW 7-Series, but it is an underrated and extremely well-built luxury sedan.


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Q7 / SQ7:

Billed as the first SUV in Audi history, the Q7 was a marvel of technology, based on the VW Passat this SUV had everything that customers were looking for. The seven-row seating of the Q7 makes it a viable choice for growing families. The performance of the Twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 also leads up to the signature Audi design theme. In addition to the advanced safety and technology features, the Q7 also has a panoramic moonroof and rear entertainment for your kids.


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Also billed as the compact SUV for the Audi brand, the Q5 has been a hot seller. The compact design and plush interior gives the feeling of a full-size SUV with the performance of an Audi sedan. The Q5 has been a sales success for the company thanks to impressive fuel mileage and a forward-thinking design. Few have been as successful for Audi as the Q5 has over the long haul. You get all the benefits of a full-size car without having to spend the full-size price tag.

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